A website to best fit its needs must be working properly and up to date. When visitors to the website notice any shortcomings you may lose sales and opportunities to get more clients. The first impression your customers have when they visit the website will determine the decisions they make on whether to purchase your products or services. The main reason we advise on doing maintenance for your business website is that many customers do online research before buying a product and the first place to get information is from the website. That is why your website should be updated and fully operational. Your website will also increase sales when it creates the best first impression. If the experience from your website is not friendly enough, the customers will shop with your competitors. SEO strategy is also important to know whether your site is good enough. If Google reviews shows that visitors to your site leave shortly after visiting it then maintenance needs to be done. If you notice any of these challenges in your website, contact ibdesign for website maintenance. Our website maintenance services involves testing your whole website annually after any update has been done. We check them to make sure all the features are working properly and fix any broken links and fix incorrect or outdated information on the website. We also test the browser capability to determine if the website can work on different browsers. We check if check out processes and forms are working properly, and encourage you to call for our services for monthly software updates. Our website maintenance services also involves backing up your website which prevents you from losing huge amounts of money in case it is affected by risks and saves you money for restoration. We provide reviews on the metrics to determine the performance of the website. Let ibdesign take care of your website and focus on the development of your business.